Abdominal Pain PBL (Part 1)

Presentation Based Learning

  1. Age, Gender, Pertinent Medical/Surgical History, Complaint
  2. At Least 4 Descriptors
  3. Red Flags/Pertinent Positives and Negatives
  4. Vital Signs
  5. Focused Physical Exam
  6. Suspected Diagnosis
  7. Can’t Miss Diagnoses
  8. Testing Plan
  9. Treatment Plan
  10. (If Asked) Anticipated Disposition

Mother’s Day and Social “Wellness”

Long distance family relationships and Emergency Medicine

Big Tests During EM Residency (and Beyond)

Oral Boards this week!

UT Nashville Interview (Reiter)

General Program Info (1:45)

Day in the Life (8:08)

Unique Stuff about Program (16:20)

Advising and Application Tips (35:03)

Easter and Why I Am a Christian

Salmoirago-blotcher E, Fitchett G, Leung K, et al. An exploration of the role of religion/spirituality in the promotion of physicians’ wellbeing in Emergency Medicine. Prev Med Rep. 2016;3:189-95.

Curlin FA, Lantos JD, Roach CJ, Sellergren SA, Chin MH. Religious characteristics of U.S. physicians: a national survey. J Gen Intern Med. 2005;20(7):629-34.

The Resurrection of the Son of God (Christian Origins and the Question of God, Vol. 3) -N.T. Wright (Amazon)

How to Crush Your SLOE (Tips 26-30)

The follow through and the CLOSE

How to Crush Your SLOE (Tips 21-25)

Your patient presentation and helping the resident/attending

How to Crush Your SLOE (Tips 16-20)

Tips and tricks for your physical exam

How to Crush Your SLOE (Tips 11-15)

Taking a patient history

Residency Resources

Congratulations on Matching into EM! This is how you should study during residency…

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