Month: September 2016

Face Injury

We are continuing our trauma series this week and will be discussing facial trauma. Severe injuries to the face sound complicated, but I promise you they’re not. In this episode we will cover the basic management of all facial trauma as well as the 6 major injuries you might see during your rotation.

Application Day (Interview)

Congratulations on getting those applications submitted! Today, we’re trying a different format. This is an interview with Dr. Mark Reiter, program director at the University of Tennessee – Nashville, about application day and ERAS. When I was a medical student, I had absolutely no idea what went through a program director’s mind on application day. But this week, I finally had a chance to get my questions answered. Please send me some constructive feedback about this episode so I can continue to provide quality content. Good luck with your interviews, and as always, be sure to enjoy your shift!

Head Injury

Over the next several weeks we are going to be doing a series of episodes on trauma. Starting today with head trauma. There are lots of critical diagnoses that you cannot miss with head injuries, and you need to order a CT head without contrast if you suspect any of them. One way to help you decided whether to order a CT is by using the Canadian Head CT Rule. We will cover all of this and more in today’s episode.

USMLE Step 3

We’re taking a mental break this week and talking about Step 3. I took the test last month and found out a few weeks ago that I passed! And so in this episode we’ll be breaking down the details of test day, study strategy, and my overall thoughts about how it went. Step 3 is definitely not a test you want to blow off, but it’s also fairly easy to pass as long as you prepare appropriately.

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