Month: November 2016

Leg Injury

Leg injury is one of the most common types of trauma we see in Emergency Medicine. The most important thing to remember about these types of injuries are the Ottawa rules. These are very VERY high yield. Learn them now and you will be well prepared for your rotation.

GU Injury

Genitourinary injuries are an often neglected aspect of trauma, but they are very important because they lead to long term morbidity if missed. In this episode we will cover a general approach to GU trauma as well as the 4 main injuries types you will encounter.

Abdominal Injury

Abdominal trauma is probably the most difficult and most subjective type of trauma that you can evaluate. There is no perfect decision criteria that you can use. There is no perfect test. It all comes down to some magical combination of clinical gestalt and objective findings. Sure, we can usually tell when the patient needs to go straight to the OR, and we do have some great tools such as bedside ultrasound. However, none of these work 100% of the time. That is why I always consider three things when thinking through these cases. Mechanism, Exam, and Imaging.

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