Month: February 2017

Sore Throat

During my clerkship, every time a patient came in with a sore throat, my attending would ask me, “Zack, what are the 4 life threatening causes of sore throat!?”  I could never remember the answer, but after the episode today you will. Also, extra special thanks to Dr. O’Connell and Elsevier for allowing us to use the book USMLE Step 2 Secrets during this episode. We will be incorporating these questions into future shows as well. I hope you find it useful.

The Future of Trauma (Interview)

In this EM Bolus we will be discussing the future of trauma resuscitation with Dr. Sam Tisherman, a professor of trauma surgery at the University of Maryland. He is currently conducting a very interesting study that has the potential to drastically change our approach to trauma forever. What if we cool trauma patients after they have died? What if we make them VERY cold, like those stories of cold water drownings who recover after being underwater for over an hour? What if we fill our dead trauma patients with icy saline and take their body to the OR so we have time to fix their injuries? Will it be too late? Today we take you to the fringe of medical discovery and address all of these questions.

Procedural Sedation

One of the most common procedures we do in the emergency department is procedural sedation. One doctor does the primary procedure, one doctor pushes meds and watches airway. There are 5 common medications that I have seen used in the ED. We will cover these as well as the general approach today.


Lets talk about oxygen. Hypoxia is bad, and we need to know how to help these patients. However, giving TOO much oxygen is also bad. In this episode we will review the basics of oxygen administration as well as review the current literature so you can impress your attendings when they try to pimp you.

Back Pain

Similar to patients with a headache, patients with back pain typically require very little testing. Rather, these encounters are focused entirely around a search for red flags. I LOVE these types of cases. These cases are straightforward, and you have the potential to sound REALLY smart in front of your attending if you remember the life threats and red flags during your presentation.

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