Month: March 2017


As doctors, we treat pain. It’s good medicine, gets good patient satisfaction, and is usually why the patient came to the ED in the first place. But we are also in the middle of a prescription narcotic epidemic. So the question is, how do we appropriately and safely prescribe narcotics? Today we will cover the AAEM guidelines on the use of narcotics in the ED.

Laceration (Repair)

In this episode we will be discussing a laceration repair procedure. Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep it nice and simple. And you will be successful.

Laceration (Evaluation)

Laceration Repair is one of your core 3 procedures and is critical to master if you want to get a good SLOE. You have to very carefully consider if the wound should even be repaired at all! Otherwise it might get infected and the patient will have a bad outcome. However, if your presentation is strong, they will let you repair the wound, which will get you great scores on your SLOE.

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