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BONUS – Demanding Patients

Special Thanks to Mohamed Soliman for contributing this episode!

Round 7 (Headache)

Round 6 (Back Pain)

Special thanks to Fraser Kegal from McGill University for creating this excellent content.

Round 5 (Geriatric Fall)

Round 4 (Flank Pain)

Round 3 (Chest Pain)

Courtesy of LITFL Medical Blog

Round 2 (Seizure)

Round 1 (Altered Mental Status)


ABEM-style cases presented on EM Clerkship are not my actual ABEM exam cases, and they are not based on my actual cases. I will never be discussing my actual exam details with anybody, including on this podcast. The cases were created independently, by me, for the purpose of medical education and improving patient care. Topics are chosen from the publicly available ABEM model of clinical practice and are built from scratch using a my own custom template. If you would like a copy of this template, please email me and I can send you a copy.


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