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Please Listen re EMS

Thank you to our EMS.

There will be no episode this weekend. I plan on postponing the 2019 kickoff episode until next week out of respect for recent events. The pre-recorded 2019 kickoff episode will post at that time and we will be back on a normal schedule and with normal content.
Thanks, Zack

Pilot: Jennifer Topper

Flight Paramedic: Bradley Haynes

Flight Nurse: Rachel Cunningham

Airway (Part 4)

Plan B. What to do when you CAN’T intubate a patient. 

Airway (Part 3)

How to intubate a patient… 

Airway (Part 2)

This week we continue our discussion (started several years ago) on the most important procedural skill set in Emergency Medicine…. Airway!

Fungal Infections

Super random. Except for mucormycosis. Remember mucormycosis!

Getting S**t Done

My personal strategy on how I keep life organized and get stuff done. 

Palliative Care

Simple. Pragmatic. Palliative Care. 

Lunney JR, Lynn J, Foley DJ, Lipson S, Guralnik JM. Patterns of Functional Decline at the End of Life. JAMA. 2003;289(18):2387–2392. doi:10.1001/jama.289.18.2387

Merry Christmas?

Flying Reindeer, Ham Heart, and the Nativity


Medical Clearance and Risk Assessment

Real Talk

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