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Pain Management

It’s definitely not the most exciting topic in emergency medicine, but it’s easily one of the most important. Every single shift you will be required to manage a patient’s pain. In this episode, we will be covering the 6 major pain medicines that you need to know for your clerkship- including doses. Those medicines are PO acetaminophen, PO ibuprofen, PO hydrocodone-acetaminophen, IV/IM ketorolac, IV/IM morphine, and IV/IM hydromorphone.


Before we start clerkship season, we need to address the most important issue impacting emergency medicine: HALF of our physicians are experiencing burnout this year (Medscape). This is a huge problem. It leads to decreased speed, patient satisfaction, safety, and staff wellness. We have to learn to invest in our wellness now, or we will be statistically unlikely to achieve our full potential as physicians.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of doing something everyday to invest in either our mental, physical, or spiritual wellness. It allows us to defend ourselves against burnout and teach others to do the same, regardless of the environment or challenges we find ourselves in.

Patient Encounters

During your clerkship, you will rapidly develop a flow for your shift. What do you do when you first pick up a chart? How much do you let your patients ramble? After you evaluate your patient, do you sprint at full speed straight to your attending? What do you do AFTER your initial evaluation? It takes years to master this skill.

The first step is to develop a basic approach. Today, I’m going to give you MY approach to a patient encounter. From the moment that chart touches my hand to the moment that patient leaves the department. Feel free to adapt it however you want, but this is definitely a decent starting point.

Patient Presentations

We are going to discuss a very important topic today. How do you give a good patient presentation to your attending?  This is the single most important skill you need to develop on your clerkship. Your presentations need to be FOCUSED, THOROUGH, and ORGANIZED. Don’t be nervous. There is a gold-standard presentation format that was published for all EM students by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. This is the format I highly recommend and will teach you in this episode. You just need to remember the 8 steps…


Today, I am very excited to announce that The Emergency Medicine Clerkship Podcast (and its affiliate website) are officially LAUNCHED!!!

Over the next several weeks, I plan on streamlining and simplifying the technical side of my publishing process. I anticipate that I will finish this soon, and that the podcast itself will be posting episodes at full speed early this summer.

I hope you enjoy the content. Please let me know if you have any feedback. I do plan on growing and adapting as I gain experience. With that said, if you have any constructive criticism or encouraging feedback, I would love to hear from you.



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