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Stuff I Learned in Residency (Part 2)

In this 5 part series I will be reflecting on a list of non-clinical stuff I learned while in residency. This week: podcasts, heroes, the pillars of EM, and disagreeing with your attending.

Stuff I Learned In Residency (Part 1)

In this 5 part series I will be reflecting on a list of non-clinical stuff I learned while in residency. This week: disability insurance, stuff that gets you fired, and “purpose”.

Waffle House

Cold. Dark. Quiet. Get exercise. Avoid alcohol. 


In this episode we will discuss 5 major allopathic Emergency Medicine organizations in the US and the differences between them. 

Match Week

Good luck!!!

The 12 Most Common Lawsuit Diagnoses

I just stumbled on a study by The Doctors Company, a big malpractice insurer, looking at 332 closed claims against ED physicians. MOST of these cases were from missed or delayed diagnosis, and statistically, it was TWELVE diagnoses that made up the majority of these.

So, in the musical spirit of Christmas,  my gift to you is the most high yield, medicolegal, differential diagnosis that exists In the world…

Happy Holidays!


The Doctors Company. Emergency Medicine Closed Claims Study. April 2015. Accessed December 22, 2017

*Music Licensed by AudioJungle


Have a great week. No episode. We’re working on updating the show notes.

CT Scans

I’ve been getting lots of emails regarding which CT scan is the right scan to order in different situations. Contrast? No contrast? ORAL contrast? There are so many options! I recommend you know the core, high yield CT scans, and over time you’ll pick up the rest.

Show Notes Update and Apps

There are 6 core apps that I’m currently using while running around the emergency department during my shifts, and we’ll cover the list in this episode. Also, we will soon be launching The EM Clerkship Pocket Guide which will replace the current, outdated, episode summaries. No specific date yet, but I already have the user interface designed and the content is now being written.  Stay tuned.

Surviving Overnights

One of the most difficult aspects of Emergency Medicine is shift work. Specifically, surviving overnights and the constant circadian chaos our body goes through by constantly rotating through morning, evening, and and overnight shifts. It happens to all of us, and in this episode I’m going to give you some personal strategies I’ve developed while in training.

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