Sepsis (Critical Diagnosis)

Today we are talking about one of the most dangerous disorders a patient can have… Sepsis. There is a lot to cover with this including the history of sepsis management, definitions, and a modern day approach. We will cover each of these things and more in this week’s episode.


  1. Hey Zack, this was a great practical approach to sepsis – but I am curious why you chose not to mention anything from Sepsis 3.0? Is this something you’re planning to discuss in a future episode? I’d love to hear your take on it all. In particular, how do you think medical students should be thinking about sepsis when (as you say) it’s such a hot/controversial topic right now and things are changing so fast.

    Keep up the awesome work, loving this podcast!

    • Zack

      January 26, 2017 at 2:51 pm

      Hi Josh! Thanks for the comment and great question. I plan on doing another episode on Sepsis 3.0 soon as an update episode. I haven’t incorporated much qSOFA into my clinical practice yet as I do not fully understand the data yet, and so I don’t feel ready to teach it. I know that there are several great episodes on the Emcrit podcast as well as a good R.E.B.E.L EM post on the topic which would be good to refer to if you are interested. Most hospitals are not doing Sepsis 3 yet and are still working on implementing the CMS stuff from 2 years ago!!! But I promise I’ll get to it soon, as it’s going to be the next generation of pimping material no doubt…

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